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When you sign up for my daily email course, you're telling me that you know how powerful books really are. Everything that you encounter (books, TV shows, people) is having an impact on you, whether you can feel that it is or not. 

That's why companies are willing to pay millions of dollars for a 30-second spot at the Super Bowl.

You will literally become a different person depending on which books you read, what you watch on TV, and who you hang out with. So wouldn't you want to fill your mental environment with some of the most brilliant, insightful, and illuminating books in the history of humankind?

Every single day, without fail, I will send you that day's lesson on one of, in my opinion, the best books ever written.

Ranging from "Paradise Lost""Meditations""Thus Spake Zarathustra", to the "Tao Te Ching" and more, I draw from my thousands of pages of personal book-notes to bring you the most important lessons that can be learned from each great book.

This is all free, by the way, although the value of the course itself is more than $275! Yea!

As I've said many times, it's my pleasure to share with you, as much as I can, what reading has done for me in my own life.

I'm on my way to reading 1,000 books before I turn 30, and I want you there with me!

FREE - "The Godlike Discipline Handbook"

You also get a free copy of my first book, "The Godlike Discipline Handbook", which I'm quite sure will be very useful to you. 

I'm fanatical about self-discipline, and this short(ish) book is all about how you can toughen yourself up and cultivate the self-discipline you'll need in order to achieve your biggest goals.

It features 13 concepts that are absolutely critical to achieving superhuman self-control, and gives you 64 specific, actionable strategies to help you master your self-discipline and willpower.

May your discipline become godlike!

FREE - My Anti-Procrastination Guide

This seems like it might be some sort of unfunny joke, but my book on procrastination isn't finished yet.

However, when it IS, I will be sure to let you know, and anyone who is still subscribed to my email list will receive a free copy, guaranteed.

I'm not sure when it will be done, but it can be yours when it's finished.

Inside, you will find more than a hundred helpful strategies that you can use to fight procrastination in all its forms. There will be some high-level stuff on psychological blocks that keep you from getting started on your most important tasks, as well as some more pragmatic advice that you can apply immediately.

While you're waiting, check out this PHENOMENAL article on that will change the way you think about procrastination once and for all.

FREE - The Self-Discipline Report

As you might know, I publish a monthly "Self-Discipline Report" where I hold myself accountable to all my readers (you) and where I outline my system for cultivating virtue in general and self-discipline in particular.

Well I've gone ahead and made it into a downloadable PDF, which you can access by signing up to the mailing list!

It contains the essentials of my system and it can be yours for free, to adapt and change as you see fit.

My hope is that you'll examine it, lift the elements that work for you, and develop a similar system of your own. I believe in you and your future. Go to work.

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